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Re: 86 5kCSQ jerks when deacclerated

The characteristic you describe is always present, but can be
aggrivated(severely) by a large crack in the intercooler->throttle body
hose.  However, other symptoms abound; trouble starting up out of 1st, and
problems getting boost(and missing at anything near 1.1 bar.)
Still pull the hose of and check it out(always a good thing to check
regularly anyways.)

PS:question was added to the QFOM.

At 5:43 PM -0500 on 1/9/98, Intisar Husain wrote:

> 	Summary of the problem would be
> 	"Is hard engine braking normal to this car"
> 	Explanation of the Problem will be like;
> 	I am not sure if it is a characteristic of the beast or
> 	if there is something wrong. While in stop and go traffic
> 	(california), let's say I am in in a low gear, and I just
> 	took my foot off the gas pedal, without pressing the clutch,
> 	the car has a sudden jerk. The jerk is so bad that I get
> 	nervous that someone might hit me from behind ( bumper to
> 	bumper traffic). I have been driving stick shift for last
> 	20 or so years, and don't think that I have to press clutch
> 	everytime I take my foot off the gas pedal. The lower the
> 	gear the harder the jerk is.

Brett Dikeman
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