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Re: Euro listers - driving tips

     I'm unsubscribed right now but check the archives every few days and 
     had to comment on this.  Jonas posted some great and accurate 
     information that I found very relevant since I'll be in Germany in 
     about three weeks.  The only thing I would add is that the overall 
     view of what I've read, heard or experienced is that German 
     authorities will cite Americans for driving "like Americans".  But, if 
     you pay attention and follow their rules, you won't have a problem.  
     Actually, if more people paid attention and followed the rules, that 
     would solve a lot of the driving frustration we experience in the 
     states (but that's another thread).
     Albuquerque, NM, USA (Soon to be a "Euro Lister")
     92 100 CSQW (On it's way to Germany)
     92 100 S (For Sale)
     87 5KS (Temporary back-up)