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Re: 4kq turbo question, exhaust

Data point here...  

The 4Kq cat and the QTC cat have the same ID ~2.5".  The
4Kq cat, unlike the one for the QTC, does not have 
restrictive flat plate at the inlet. Since the turbo
downpipe exit about 2" further downstream they have a
slightly shorter cat.  In other words the location of the
rear flange of the cat is Identical between the 4Kq and QTC
and the 4Kq cat is about 2" longer. FWIW, other than the
exit at the rear valance, the QTC cat back exhaust is a
bolt on in a 4Kq.  ( although, if you use an oversize
aftermarket rear muffler there may be some rubbing against
the rear valance)


>    I'm running a TQC downpipe, into a 2.5" flowmaster,
through 2.5" ss
> piping
> back to 2.5" supertrapp.  If you needed (or wanted) to
keep a cat, you
> could
> get a stock one matching the downpipe you choose (TQC,
5ktq, 5kt,
> standard
> or slushbox, etc) or an aftermarket high flow cat.  Lots
of options...
> HTH,
> -Stott
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> > From:	Brian Paul Bressler [SMTP:n9710420@cc.wwu.edu]
> > 
> > For all of you 4kq owners with the 10vt engine:
> > 
> > What size exhaust pipe are you running and what did you
do about the
> > cat?
> > 
> > Thanks in advance
> > Brian Bressler
> > very close to swapping out the NA 10v!