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Re: V8 Stuff

At 08:49 AM 1/15/98 -0500, you wrote:

>> I am kicking around an A4 Avant w/ sports package for the wife. At the same
>> time though I can pick up an older V8 slap on an aftermarket turbo sytem,
>> upgrade the brakes and suspension and still have a few $$$ left over. Does
>> anyone know if V8's came with sports seats??
>And the '90 that you drove should answer your question.  Didn't it have the
>sport seats?  Mine did, as does my '91 (all the 5-speeds - all 77 of them)
>have them, or so I am told.

MOST V8s in 90 and 91 models with 5 speeds came with sport seats.  The rare
late model 90 (auto) car can have lounge chair seats.  Of the 5 or 6
examples 91 5 speeds I have seen, only one had the lounge-chair seats.  I
also read that there were 54 of them imported, not 77.  But whatever, it's
not a large number.

>But be prepared to spend a *lot* of bux on gas...  I got about 16 mpg avg
>on my '90, and while the PO of my '91 says he got 20, I don't *think* so...
>I'm about the check my first full tank since purchase in a couple of days
>(and will be *happy* to get 16!  I just *can't* keep my foot out of it...)

It's your left foot, Bart!  If I twist mine out and enjoy it, it's 15 mpg
zone.  Driving smoothly will actually deliver 20 mpg or slightly more. The
PO was honest, but clearly not agressive.