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Re: NO lights on at all

On Thu, 15 Jan 1998, MHLIGGINS wrote:

> <<Yes, very valid. Where I come from it is not totally uncommon to have
> drivers running around at night with NO lights on at all. It does happen.
> I encountered one of these just last Friday night. I flashed them to
> try to get them to turn on their lights, but no go. Totally oblivious!
> -glen>>
>      Just a note for some of you.  My two teens have recently informed me that
> some of this behavior is gang related.  The "cool" gang bangers feel it is
> totally macho to run around the city with no lights, plus it seems they like
> to intimidate those who flash lights at them to get them to "safen" up.
>      Just an FYI thing.
>      --ml

It extends to what is known as "ghost-riding", no lights at night,
high-speed in the wrong direction on the hi-wy. 

A macho thing, or manhood test in those social spheres.

Soren, 89 100q, w/166k mi and still hummin'