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Re: Yo, everyone, who are those Colorado drivers?

At 5:35 PM -0500 1/14/98, DFAUTOHAUS wrote:
>What is a left lane bandit? My experience ( Northeast USA) would have this be
>the person that thinks (s)he get where (s)he's going sooner in the left lane
>even though (s)he's going 20 mph slower than everyone else  (mostly) wants to
>go and therefore holds up traffic. I particularly enjoy it when they get next
>to another vehicle ( usually a semi)  for miles and stay there.

Or they're passing the invisible car... ;-)

I hate that.  Forces people to pass on the right, which should be illegal,
but often isn't.  interestingly, I find that drivers in any area BUT
Washington, D.C. (where I live) are more aware and courteous.


'90 CQ (looking for a dark '91 w/low miles)
'87 RX7 Tii (for sale soon)