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Odo drive gear

... with the weather here in the SF Bay Area a bit moist I've returned 
the urQ to virtually daily driver service [... yes I did get El Ni~no'ed 
on the k1 the other night :].  The car is doing quite well as usual, but 
there is the one annoyance ... the cracked odo drive gear will work for 
a while when the car is cold, but that's it.  I'll be doggoned if I'm 
gonna pay a VDO repair place $60-90 to replace a $0.50 gear again!

I will ask the perennial question (which I've yet to have successfully 
answered) with a twist ...

Does anyone know of a source for the odo drive gear for the speedo unit 
in the '83 urq?  Here's the twist ... it certainly appears that the odo 
drive in the newer cars (e.g. '88 5k) are more robust ... I know the 
speedo is electronically driven, but does it have a compatible drive 
gear with the older speedo units?

Steve Buchholz
San Jose, CA (USA)