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Re: contemplating A4 for snow

I have to admit that my A4 with Sports suspension
(Dunlop 8000 tires) is definitely fair-weather
oriented. THe ground clearance on this little car is
definitely MUCH lower than my '89 200 wagon was.
Though the A4 wagon performed (to my amazement) very
well in the snow-no chains required, as I've posted,
I got righteously stuck in the mud. Also, on bumpy
roads, I have scraped bottom at high speeds.
Suspension travel seems limited ("controlled") and
not as magical as the 200. The 200 had the most
amazing blend of taughtness and comfort-speed bumps
were almost a pleasure to blast over. With the A4, I
go a lot slower. On windy roads, however, I go MUCH
faster with the A4.

As for tires, the Dunlop 8000's are very impressive
in the rain. In the snow, suprisingly competent. In
the mud, terrible.

In sum, the A4/sports is definitely a "SPORTS CAR"
and should be treated as such. The older 200/5000 is
more of a multipurpose, do everything well car.

PRESENT: 98 A4A-sport
PAST:    89 200qtw    86 GT Coupe
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