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Re: Left Lane "Corks" and other BW wastage


> > 944 (which, BTW, while I dunno 'bout the tranny, does *not* have an Audi
> > engine!) decided to acomodate the old man and led the way around the city,


> PS:You're right, the engine is a 4 cylinder version of the 5 cylinder we
> all know and love.  Sorta.  There's also a ballancing system that runs of
> the timing belt with counterweights that smooths out the engine; it's quite
> impressive to look at, though not standard Audi issue.  The transmission is
> the same though, which is neat...thanks to the FWD design, they flipped it
> around and the transmission sits very close to the back wheels, leading to
> excellent weight distribution.  They really did pull off several neat
> tricks in the 944...

Hmmm... at the time of its first arrival in the early 80s, one of the
mechanics at Don Corlett Porsche+Audi told me that the unlike
the 924, which had an Audi engine, the 944 engine was the 928
V8 engine, sliced in half, and with the balancer system added.

OTOH, the 928 V8 was an aluminum block (a perfected version
of the same process originally attemped in the Chevy Vega 4 cyl),
and I don't recall hearing that the 944 block was aluminum, so that
mechanic must have been wrong.

be seeing you,
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