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Re: 86 5kCSQ jerks when deacclerated

At 1:57 PM -0500 on 1/15/98, Intisar Husain wrote:

> > The characteristic you describe is always present, but can be
> > aggrivated(severely) by a large crack in the intercooler->throttle body
> > hose.  However, other symptoms abound; trouble starting up out of 1st, and
> > problems getting boost(and missing at anything near 1.1 bar.)
> > Still pull the hose of and check it out(always a good thing to check
> > regularly anyways.)
> >
> > PS:question was added to the QFOM.
> 	I think you are right. I am also experiencing the starting
> 	problem. The starting problem happens in 2 cases.
> 	1- If I am driving, and accidently left the clutch while
> 	   the car was not in the right gear, and the engine stalled.
> 	   The car won't start. I have to wait for somewhere around
> 	   3-5 minutes, and then it will start right away.
> 	2- If I didn't crank the engine enough durring my first attempt
> 	   to start. The subseqeunt attempts will fail to start the car.
> 	   Again have to wait for 3-5 minutes, and things will be hunky
> 	   dory (spelling ?) after that.
> 	Beside starting problem, my boost is also not that great, and
> 	there is also some missing.
> 	I just checked and found out that the hose is teared from the
> 	bottom. This weekend I will replace it and will give you an
> 	update.
If you have a hose now, replace it...it takes 5 minutes.  You could
probably even do it during lunch break :)

If you don't have the hose, or don't want to replace it right away, wrap
electrical tape(or duct tape) around the hose, pressing the tape tightly
after each turn.  Several turns will do it nicely until the replacement

If some of the starting problems don't get cleared up, look at the QFOM's
entries for other fuel system problems...check valve and pressure
accumulator could be at fault.


Brett Dikeman
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