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S4/200 trannies

Graydon wrote:

>I don't recall anyone here ever needing to repair one or replace one, 
even with the high hp cars running around.   My 5KCSTQ has almost 200,000 
miles, and still shifts slicker than a greased pig at slaughter time<

Umm, except maybe me.  016 tranny failure due to cause/causes unknown. 
I've never missed a shift or abused the tranny.  One of the synchro rings
failed, taking out 1st, 2nd and 3rd along with the central shaft (name
escapes me) with the bargain price of 1600 DM.  Total cost of 6000 DM. 
I've still got the box o'parts in my garage.

While researching the tranny (hence the previous esoterica vis Bentley
tranny/diff data) I did find out that you COULD put a S4 or S6 six speed
tranny into the 200.  It would, however, require a special alloy RS2
flywheel.  Something about the shaft/bearing not being the correct length. 
Ned at IA was looking at this, too.  He wanted me to let him know if I
found a flywheel.

Joe Yakubik