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Summer Wheels

I'm looking to buy some new wheels for my '85 5000s Avant this spring, but I
face a problem, I bought the car without an owners manual, so I'm not sure
what my options are as far as wheel/tire configuration.  Right now I have
14" (apparently stock) wheels with 195/65/r14 tires, which are great for the
winter, but I'd like something a bit more stylish for summer.  I've been
thinking of 16x7" or 16x7.5" but I want to make sure I'm not going to buy
wheels that are too big and will rub.  Also I'd like to know what offset,
hub bore, and lug spacing values I need to look for.  Thanks!

p.s.  I have a two sets of the 14" wheels, one set I'll probably want to
sell when I buy the new ones.