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In message <34BE6DF5.7D29@tc.umn.edu> "Eric T. Axelson" writes:

> I was warned about this and have used the same procedure- thanks for the
> reminder. My question is: I keep hearing about relays and etc. for
> headlight upgrades......all i want to do is have 80/100 9004's. Does
> this require any changes to the harness to run the higher watts? it
> seems hard to believe that they would have a design with such a small
> safety factor?

Wiring ages.  On an 87 car, I would recommend an auxiliary harness.

It has another benefit, in that voltage losses to the lights are
reduced.  Dan Simoes posted this evening (GMT) to the effect that
he'd seen so many questions about these harnesses that he'd even
thought of adding a direct link from the home page.

One tip I haven't seen anywhere else - if you _do_ fit such a harness,
make sure its weight isn't carried by the connectors on the rear of the
bulbs.  This puts quite a load on the (plastic) adjusting levers.

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