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Re: Temp gauge light (Was "93 90 seat heater switch light")

Probably the gauge won't have to be replaced.  In general, Audi techs
seem to replace systems rather than pieces--i.e. when the backlighting
in the CC computer control goes out, instead of opening the box and
changing the light, they do a core replacement and give you a
refurbished unit--one which probably had the same problem that was

As for the airbag, I do thing that it's poor design.  Who's to say?

What this all means, though, is that probably anyone on this list could
take the gauge and put in a new bulb, but most won't be able to because
of the airbag.

Sucks, doesn't it?


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Sandy Duffy wrote:
> Bob Davis said:
> >Speaking of expired accessory bulbs, the light for my outside temperature
> display went south.  Is this simply a bulb replacement, or is it part of
> the display?
> Bob:
> I can tell you from personal experience that you need to replace the entire
> temperature gauge to get it to light up again. My 1995 A6 5 speed is under
> the Audi Assured warrantee program because I just bought it and my gauge
> light was out. So, my gauge was replaced at no charge.  I think the part
> sells for like $120.00 but the labor to install it is huge because it
> requires a trip into the instrument pod and the removal of the airbag to
> get to it!.  I think I would be really ticked off if the car was out of
> warrantee.  What were they thinking?  Having to replace the entire gauge
> because the light burned out??  I think that this will be the subject of
> future posts because, in looking for this car, I test drove several cars
> that had this problem.  There's got to be a better way!
> Hope this helps
> Feelin sorry for your wallet
> Sandy