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Re: spelling goofs on Audi's web pages

Brett Dikeman wrote:
> Well, not quite.  They just spelled Aluminum in a very weird way.
> Aluminium.
> My dictionary defines this as a variant("Chiefly British") of Aluminum.
> Weird that they would do such a thing, since
> a)most people don't spell it that way(except for the British, sorry guys)
> b)people quicker-to-judge will think Audi misspelled it, ie, bad company image.

	a) If this is on Audi USA's web-site, you're right.
	b) If not, it's unclear who should win:

		1. Audi's largest customer base -- presumably the US.

		2. Everyone in the world who spells it the "wrong" way:
		which I think is everyone except the US of A. You see,
		most non-English-speaking countries  take their spelling 
		cues from the British .. for better or for worse.

	-Arun "colour, sulphur, tyre" Rao

	PS: Not that it *really* matters to me one way or the other: the
	greatness of English is in its diverse manifestations, not in
	its homogeneity.

Arun Rao
Pixar Animation Studios
Pt. Richmond, CA 94804
(510) 620-3526