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Manual vs Auto tranny performance (was Re: V8 Stuff)

The inestimable Unka Bart pronounceth:
>The autobox isn't even in the same ballpark.  It's hard to
>believe that these two cars differ only in the tranny!  In fact, I'd
>suspect that there is probably different firmware in the ECU, but no
>matter, they definitely have *completely* different personalities!

These were my exact sentiments when test driving the '97 A4 1.8t with
auto tranny vs. manual.  I was severely disappointed in the performance
of the FWD A4 1.8t auto that I test drove.  The manual transmission
changes the character of that engine/car completely, IMO.  With the
manual tranny, the car lives up to the hype and hoopla about it.  The
auto is nice and comfortable, but just isn't any **FUN**.

Slushbox is truly an accurate description...

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