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Re: Whoa!

At 3:14 PM -0500 on 1/15/98, Huw Powell wrote:

> > BTW, with the hot bulbs and Hella XLs on the bumper I am extremely
> > pleased with my low beams.
> Hope you turn off those Hellas in traffic!  (Pet Peeve Police strike
> again!)
Actually, XL stands for auXilliary Lowbeams.  They are designed to be used
with lowbeams(though admittedly, not with non-legal higher wattage bulbs in
the factory lights.)
I aim mine lower than the instructions suggest, and the driver's side is
lower than the passenger side, as per Euro specs.  The lower angle gives
much better light closer to the car, where I like it.  If I can't see past
'em, I'm driving too fast for the conditions.

Conversely,XL's are not designed to be used with highbeams(or are not legal
to do so.)  I don't care; I only use my highs when there's no one around to
see 'em except me, so what's the difference? :)


Brett Dikeman
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