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Re: spelling goofs on Audi's web pages

Thats allright....we have bigger bombs.

Joe Naiman 

On Thu, 15 Jan 1998, Huw Powell wrote:

> > Well, not quite.  They just spelled Aluminum in a very weird way.
> > 
> > Aluminium.
> > 
> > My dictionary defines this as a variant("Chiefly British") of Aluminum.
> > Weird that they would do such a thing, since
> > a)most people don't spell it that way(except for the British, sorry guys)
> > b)people quicker-to-judge will think Audi misspelled it, ie, bad company image.
> You Americans can be so provincial (is it time for me to get an attitude
> check?).  Spelled correctly (and much more pretty to say!), aluminium
> conforms with the way lots of other metals are spelled.  Don't know what
> the rest of the Empire, um I mean, Commonwealth, is doing nowadays, but
> often "chiefly British" means every English speaking country in the
> world except the US...
> not trying to pick any fights, just trying to decide if I should go up
> on the roof to seal the old chimney hole before the first inch of snow
> falls... 
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