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Re: Factory buy-back?

In some states the lemon law is quite extreme and if you have *any*
problem with your car that isn't solved after x number of times, the
dealer/company has to buy the car back from you, or replace it.  There
was a problem with a lot of the Blaupunkt 6-speaker systems (this isn't
meant to invite critiques of the system, guys.  Don't even start) where
the rear speakers cut out/give puffs of static when turned on/are
suceptible to interference and probably some person used the law to his
advantage and got a new car for a defective speaker.


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Phil Rose wrote:
> A (private) dealer whom I know claims to have a line on an Audi of possible
> interest to me. It's a '91 200q. He claim the car was an Audi "factory
> buy-back" related to a rear speaker defect. And, as a consequence of the
> buy-back situation, the car has a 12 month Audi warranty remaining in
> effect. Huh? What could this be about? How could a '91 have _any_ Audi
> warranty in effect? And why would Audi do a buy-back related to a _speaker_
> defect? Anyone have some notion (or specific info) on what this could be
> about?
> Thanks
> Phil
> Phil Rose               Rochester, NY
> '89 100                 pjrose@servtech.com