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Re: spelling goofs on Audi's web pages

> > Disclaimer : The following remarks are intended to be light-hearted. :-)
> oh, indeed.  I was(and still am) poking fun at those across the pond.  Hey,
> anyone that calls a flashlight a torch has _got_ to be wierd   *-<:-)

> > Strange, my dictionary defines Aluminum as a 'chiefly U.S.' variant of
> > Aluminium.
> Interesting.  I guess one way to settle it would be to compare other elements;
> Americinium(sp?)
> Titanium
> Stronium
> are the first ones that come to mind; all end in "ium"

You missed the easy ones:


And for electronics types, Germanium and gallium.

> weird.  On top of that, considering the British were doing scientific stuff
> before the term "American" existed, the spelling Aluminium probably existed
> first.  Interesting.  But, on the other hand, Aluminium just sounds weird,
> Aluminum doesn't.  Eh.  Whatever :)  Eh, so I dug myself into a hole and
> misproved myself.  Ain't progress wonderful?

Depends what you grew up with.  'Aluminum' still sounds bad to me and
it I had to stop and think to type it.  Aluminium, however, flows
nicely off the fingertips!


Audi content: my 5k gets a lot better gas mileage with an extra
couple of psi in the tires, new cap and rotor and the biggest
bottle of techron I could find in the gas tank.