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wheel spacers- horrible idea?

I just acquired a set of four 5x112 Ronal 5-spokes, 16x7. They are the
style favored by early AMG Merc conversions. All silver and a nice
finish. As it stands, they do not fit the 5kcst for two reasons. Rear arch
clearance and the Girling 60s up front. Why did I get wheels that don't
fit? I traded them for a pile of useless-to-me Saab 900 parts. No cash
outlay frees up some dough for possible "adjustments"... 
So, am I correct in thinking that camber is non-adjustable on the beam
rear axle? Any BTDTs on clearancing fenders? The tires now mounted are
225/50-16 Goodyear Eagles (worn). They will hit the bodywork at full susp
compression. It appears that 205-50-16s would clear. Am not sure on the
offset of these wheels. 
As for the front: The G60s get in the way. What bearing-life or
safety-related issues come into play if spacers were used with similarly
longer lug bolts? 
Forgive my ignorance and flame away if necessary. I am aware that this
could also cause a speedo error unless the plus 1 215-50-16 was used(but
isn't this a weird size?). I just wonder what the collective wisdom on
this is. I really liked the look of the rims when mounted (rear only so
far) and they were extremely economical indeed. Is this simply an
impossible fitment?
Thanks again,
1987 5kcst 175k 
5 Audi 6-spokes, 4 MBZ Ronals, 1 Donut Spare. Big pile of wheels in