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Re: Yo, everyone, who are those Colorado drivers?

Depending on where you are in California the traffic patterns are such that
if you use the left lane only to pass you will be the only one doing so.
Accordingly if everyone did the same thing then it would take twice as long
to get from San Jose to San Francisco. Left lane to pass is a great idea,
but I think reality dictates otherwise in high density areas that usually
has a ton of commuters and not drivers needing to locomote long distances.

                                        I think I lost a couple of pennies
around here,
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>glen sez:
>>It's FUN driving in MA. It is actually LEGAL to pass on the right, no,
>>it's even encouraged!
>there IS NO lane discipline law in california.
>no "stay right except to pass" law, no "no passing on the right" law.
>in heavy traffic you proceed en masse with most lanes doing an equal
>pace.  in light traffic you pass on the right as needed.  flashing high
>beams are taken as agressive signals.
>seemed very strange at first...
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