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RE: Whoa! [lighting]

If what you say is true, then the only time it would make sense to use any
sort of additional light would be with high beams, when there is no oncoming
traffic.  Why, then do so many automakers offer cars in the US including
additional (usually driving) lights that work with the low beams?  Are the
manufacturers simply ignorant of and not subject to the state laws?  Are the
laws unenforcable?

Ralph Poplawsky

At 07:17 AM 1/16/98 -0500, Glen wrote:

>Actually, the 'marketing name' of the product is irrelevant. In most states
it is illegal
>to have more than 2 headlights (of any type) lit in the presence of
oncoming traffic,
>period. It is also illegal to have more than 4 headlights of any type lit
at any time. 
>Also, all lights of any type that are not DOT-approved must be covered at
all times.
>This all does vary from state-to-state and may not apply at all outside the US.
>These may be 'silly' US laws, but that's what they are, and they are very much
>needed because the majority of US drivers are BONEHEADS and have no clue
>as to how, when, where and why automotive lighting should be used.
>we really do need these laws.....