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Re: Airbox Mods

Fair enough, I do not claim to know all. But my comments stem from the
Correction Factor Charts for SAE Corrected Horsepower, Derived from SAE
J1349 standard. Where, to get the correct SAE horsepower reading one would
multiply horsepower X an altitude correction factor (A) X a temperature
correction factor (B) X a humidity correction factor (C). SAE Correction
Factor C ranges from 1.008  at 10 % relative humidity at 100 degrees F, to
1.070 at 100% relative humidity at 100 degrees F. If my extrapolation of
these tables was faulty I apologize (not wanting to disseminate incorrect
information to the list), but if the SAE enginerds screwed up by not taking
the catalytic effect that moisture has on combustion they are on their own!


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From: Robert Myers <rmyers@inetone.net>
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Date: Thursday, January 15, 1998 10:24 PM
Subject: Re: Airbox Mods

>Agreed, high pressure and low temperature are best for power production.
>You are using, whether you realize it or not, the Ideal Gas Law [PV=nRT].
>You are trying to maximize "n" for a given volume "V".  To do this requires
>that "P" be high and "T" be low.
>But...  I must disagree with your statements about low humidity.  There is
>one other thing, Frank.