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RE: Whoa! [lighting]

IMFO, these laws are mostly unenforced, as are most traffic laws in the US
in general. Law enforcement in the US is all about 'revenue enhancement'
(taxation) and not about safety.....    Why do some manufacturers
make so-called 'driving lights' come on with the low beams? I have no idea!

I may very well be wrong, but my idea of 'driving lights' are high-intensity
lights that come on _only_ with the high beams. Fog lights, on the other
hand, should only be used in the presence of fog that is thick enough
that the low-beams dazzle so badly that they are unusable, and
therefore the fogs should be used alone, _without_ the low beams, or
their purpose is totally defeated. All strictly IMFO. Those that refuse to
disable any lighting > 2x lamps in the presence of oncoming traffic are,
IMFO, BONEHEADS and will receive the full wrath of everything I've got, 
but only if they refuse to out them after a very quick and courteous 'flash'
to remind them to out the > 2x lights. Few law enforcement types feel
as strongly about this as I, but some do and they often write for this!
The very same goes for plow trucks running plow lights when they
do not have a plow mounted, they get written.