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Re: Temp gauge light (Was "93 90 seat heater switch light")

Sandy Duffy wrote:
> Bob Davis said:
> >Speaking of expired accessory bulbs, the light for my outside temperature
> display went south.  Is this simply a bulb replacement, or is it part of
> the display?
> Bob:
> I can tell you from personal experience that you need to replace the entire
> temperature gauge to get it to light up again. My 1995 A6 5 speed is under
> the Audi Assured warrantee program because I just bought it and my gauge
> light was out. So, my gauge was replaced at no charge.  I think the part
> sells for like $120.00 but the labor to install it is huge because it
> requires a trip into the instrument pod and the removal of the airbag to
> get to it!.  I think I would be really ticked off if the car was out of

Hmm. I don't think this is all right. I have a '93 90CS and have a BTDT
for the clock backlight. The clock is backlit by a tiny bulb, just like
tech, speedo, and all the other instruments.

The one caviat here is that the outside temp. display *may* be one of
backlit LCDs, rather than having a bulb. I don't think so, though, since
it's dimmable as are all of the other instrument lights...

Removing the instrument cluster is all you need to do to replace the
and I didn't have any trouble doing that with the steering wheel and
air bag in-place.

To remove the instrument cluster, you must remove the housing which
the steering column and stalk switches: two screws on the underside and
top lifts off. Then, there are two screws at the bottom center of the
instrument cluster.

It takes a little patience to wiggle the cluster out from behind the
but it can be done. You'll also probably have to disconnect the wiring
harness at the connectors on the cluster, since there isn't enough slack
in the wires.

1993 90CS 63k