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Another A4 gripe

hi all,

i guess i re-visited the climate control thread amongst A4 owners.
Tom Haapanen, i tried your method yesterday after work (with the
outside temp <34F). pressed the heater/defogger button (on top
of the giant "AUTO" button) and then the RECIRCULATE button.
no can do. the A/C won't come on. and so the RECIRC didn't come on.
i give up. i guess the wife has to inhale those wonder skunk scents
on the road since this is _her_ car. :^)

now i have another gripe on otherwise a very good/fun A4 avant!
the CD-changer magazine is REAL CHEAP! it's difficult to remove the
discs. i almost have to touch the surface of my discs every time
i pop them out. i haven't checked yet, but changer is a KENWOOD
unit, right? can anybody confirm this? does anybody know if i can
buy a different type of KENWOOD CD magazine which will fit the

i had a 10-disc SONY changer before. it's bulky, but decent design
(in inserting and removing discs). my car has a oem'd PIONEER unit.
the 6-disc magazine is good with one flap for each disc.

pls help my CDs. ;-)


Thai Tjen
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