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RE: S4 vs. A4

Audi's home page has a piece on the S4.  Automobile magazine has done a
nice article as well.  In essence it is an A4 based vehicle with a twin
turbo version of the 2.8l 6 found in the A4's.  It has 17" wheels, some
cosmetic changes, and from what list-members have said; appears to be our
Christmas wish come true.  No firm prices set but low $40s sems like a
really good bet.  Further rumors include US (North American?) Audi dealers
taking orders in Spring for Fall dleivery as a '99 model year vehicle.

Bill Murin
89 100q

On Fri, 16 Jan 1998, DaveSenu wrote:

> Can anyone shed light some light on the S4?  is this just the Avant wagon? or
> is there a S version of the A4?, and if so what are the differences?  I have
> tried looking at some other audi resources on the net but can't really find
> anything.