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Re: Used car prices


   What are you talking about????  I'd really like to know, but I have no clue.
Yes, most dealer cars have been wrecked and they all say they don't know
anything about the cars because they want to protect themselves.

   I'm still not getting what your saying about buying restored quattros.  I'd
personally rather have a perfect 145K Audi than a fixed up (after wrecked) 45K
mile one.  But, then again, if the damage is minor and it was fixed right, it
shouldn't make a difference.  My 5ktq had been hit twice, but you really
couln't tell at all.

   BTW, In my book, front end collisions are a no-no.  You might as well scrap
the car.  They usually are never the same after a good knock in the front!

   Also, what do you mean by "restoration"?  I have heard many people claim
they have restored TQC's and to them that meant they changed shocks and brakes
and had a cheap paint job put over the previous coat!  I have yet to see anyone
do an honest-to-god restoration on a quattro.  I do however speculate you'll be
seeing some people restoring Ur-Q's and 5KTQ's in the next 5-10 years.  They
are truly unique and special cars and deserve to be preserved!

   I live in S.C. so it is good to see other listers/ quattro enthusiasts in
the Southeast.  I had previously tried to get a SE lister meeting organized in
the past with minimal success and interest.