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re: S4/A4 vs. Passat

I have not driven the Passat, but from what I've heard the A4 is more of a
driver's car. Somewhat sharper handling seems to be the main thing. Of
course, with quattro, you not only get the AWD benefit to traction, but also
increased weight.
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Date: Fri, 16 Jan 1998 04:47:05 EST
From: DaveSenu <DaveSenu@aol.com>
Subject: re: S4/A4 vs. Passat

Are there any opinions out there on the S4 or A4 vs. .the Passat? If the two
cars are equipped with identical equipment, the Passat is about 7K less than
the A4?

Is the A4 a better car? I am contemplating selling my '98 Passat, as I
miss the AWD.

I'm interested to know anyones experiences, thoughts on this

Dave Senum
'98 Passat GLS FWD