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Re:SP8000s & snow..D40M2, too..

On Thu, 15 Jan 1998 13:54:11 -0500, Rob Cohen wrote:

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>From: Alex Kowalski (Law Guest Account) <lawguest@wppost.depaul.edu>
>Last year I put Pirelli P210 'snows' on my Coupe Q, and WOW!!
>These things are decent in the snow, sticky in the rain, and handle great on
>dry roads. Plus, they're about as quiet as my Dunlop D60A2 'summer' tires.
>If I thought they'd last long enough, I'd probably leave 'em on my car year
>My two cents for free (and worth every penny),
>>Thanks to last night's snowfall, I got a chance to try the D40M2s in real
>>snow (not the light dusting that I got through Indiana on my way back
>>from NJ)  this morning in Chicago.  Results: no better than the
>>descriptions for the SP8000s.  A little like riding on bicycle tires, but I
>>didn't really expect more from them.  Very good in the rain, though.  Next
>>winter I _will_ have a real set of snow tires.

I must second Rob's opinion that the Pirelli 210 is a wonderful tire giving
good grip in snow and ice and amazingly good dry road performance. I
am constantly reminding myself that I need to behave myself because I'm
running snow tires.  As the Pirelli product description says, "Perfect winter
_tyre_ for medium-sized to large powerful cars." Well, the type 44 certainly
fits the medium-sized to large category, at least. The 210A may not have the
ultimate snow and ice grip of the Hakapatooies, but they are a good choice
for Colorado were it can, indeed, snow like hell, but were the roads below
10,000 ft. are totally dry 95% of the winter.

The 210A (asimmetrico) is H rated (210 km/h) and comes in a nice range
of "performance" sizes up to 235/45R17. I selected the stock size for my
car, 205/60R15, using the original alloys as winter wheels. Check out
http://www.pirelli.com/  It just may light your _fyre_.

DeWitt Harrison  de@aztek-eng.com
Boulder, CO