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Re: Electrical Woes...Everone please help if you can

> Last week i got the voltage regulator replaced in my car, as the thing
> went dead.  Yesterday, i noticed that when i was running the car it was
> making this strange pulsating noise.  Now the volt meter in the car reads
> up to 16 volts, and the lights flicker and so do the dash lights.  The
> headlight switch got very hot...

Your new Voltage Regulator does not regulate for $hit. Send it back,

Or, better yet, try the external regulator approach, using just the
brushes off the toasted one.
Somebody on the list had already performed this (Ford's external)
regulator conversion and claimed some very favourable results.
I and Mike Zamikhovsky have been contemplating this conversion for the
three 44 chassis turbos that we own between two of us, but I can't find
the procedure. The original URL seems to have expired as well, I wish I
had printed it out in the due time.

Good luck, Michael.
Igor Kessel
'89 200TQ -- 18psi (TAP)
'98 A4TQ
Philadelphia, PA