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Cool intake air

In message <199801161057_MC2-2F91-446D@compuserve.com> Neil Swanson writes:

> But has anyone actually changed the tube to pick up air from the
> fenderwell?   Or from below the car in a still air spot?  

Erm ...

On one occasion, the A2 ran in a rally with stiff rubber covers over the spaces 
where the driving lights were fitted on production cars.  During scrutineering 
these were closed, but at speed they were forced open and admitted cold air 
into certain parts of the engine compartment.  Audi were supposedly 'gently 
BTW - have you noticed how the Audi mechanics surround the A4 BTCC car 'to 
congratulate the driver' on his way to the parc fermee?  See each of them 
surrepticiously push a knee against a fender?  The car is legal when it 
_starts_ the race, but ...

 Phil Payne
 Committee Member, UK Audi [ur-]quattro Owners Club