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Re: road leeches (negligible Audi content)

> These are drivers whom I call "leeches". They approach from behind
> and then follow. If I speed up, they close the gap. If I ease off the
> throttle, they are soon right on top of me but continue to follow at
> the lower speed. And so forth. Usually they >tail gate<. They refuse
> to be shaken off. In some cases I've put the pedal to the metal, but 
> within a few minutes they are back.  >>heavily snipedited for brevity<<

Never had that trouble with old 5kt.  Wheeee!  They were bye bye in the
rear view!  By the time they woke up (because they *are* asleep) I was
out of sight.  What a nice car.

> I've even responded by pulling onto the shoulder to force them by.
> When I resume, there they are ahead, cruisin' at 5 or 10 MPH slower 
> than they previously had been following me.

That's the real crimp.  You let the tailgater by, they go slower than
you were!!!

>Is it illegal to direct a 100 watt light to the rear?

Probably, just "don't get caught?" which I believe has been the law of
the land since we elected Mr. Reagan.  (apologies for any needless
political offense in advance)

> My wife just advises a "chill pill".

She's right I suppose - but, if she's in the car, have you taught her
how to aim the rearview mirror reflection of the offending headlights
into the tailgaters eyes?  Oh my, this is a terrible thing to do, but it
works like magic!

Still no Audi content..

On my F250 I finally wired my back up/loading lights - just a pair of
utility sealed beams mounted high on the back of the cab (next to my
high brake/signal lights).  Now when I am driving that POS to the dump,
with all sorts of misc. crap in the back, and the old beast is tossing
rust and spare parts off at irregular intervals, why do people still
tailgate me?  One flick of the switch and guess what?  No tailgater.  Of
course I have to stop at the payphone and report the car in the ditch
with the blinded driver back on Route 125...

Audi content (finally!!!!)

We had talked before here about improving back up lights.  Consensus
reached was a set of inexpensive driving lights aimed rearward.  Now
this would have to be relayed, and it would be easy to install a little
momentary switch to engage them...

'Nuff said?

"Officer, they are for backing up my 300' driveway in snow... I don't
know why they flickered on back there but I'll check it out and fix it
as *soon* as I get home!"

Huw Powell


82 (+/-) Audi Coupe