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sic transit gloria Audi

Henry Harper's web page includes some nice pics of the '91 200q. You can
also find pics of some not-so-nice '91 220qs--examples of what happens when
the Audi gods take their revenge to the extreme.(*) The sad progression of
my car from beautiful "September Bride" to "Death on a Windswept Hill" is
shown there. See 'em and weep. And be prepared for the right things to do
if your Audi goes into oversteer. Don't ask _me_. Others have already given
their advice: (1) don't let up on the throttle as I did, but (2) if you
do--then recover by getting back on the gas). The "Oh sh*t" mantra does
_not_ work!

URL for my pictures on Henry's page:


(*) The Audi gods can terminate only Audi cars. The owner's fate is handled
by another department.

Phil Rose		Rochester, NY
'89 100			pjrose@servtech.com