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Re: quattro-digest V4 #1631

>>Conversely,XL's are not designed to be used with highbeams(or are not legal
>>to do so.)  I don't care; I only use my highs when there's no one around to
>>see 'em except me, so what's the difference? :)
>Actually, the 'marketing name' of the product is irrelevant. In most states it is illegal
>to have more than 2 headlights (of any type) lit in the presence of oncoming traffic,
>period. It is also illegal to have more than 4 headlights of any type lit at any time. 
>Also, all lights of any type that are not DOT-approved must be covered at all times.
>This all does vary from state-to-state and may not apply at all outside the US.
>These may be 'silly' US laws, but that's what they are, and they are very much
>needed because the majority of US drivers are BONEHEADS and have no clue
>as to how, when, where and why automotive lighting should be used. Unfortunately,
>we really do need these laws.....

	Actually, they are legal for use with standard low beams.  There is a
very nice little certificate that comes with them that states the
apropriate DOT regs that allow them.  I keep this certificae in the
glove box, just in case our local REO decides to hassel me. 

	I've got them wired to come on with the low beams and o off witht he
high beams (9007 conversion), and have never had a problm in the 2 years
I've had them on. Not even a question when I've gottent he car


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