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RE: Yo, everyone, who are those Colorado drivers?

mike v sez:
><< there IS NO lane discipline law in california. no "stay right except to
>pass" law, no "no passing on the right" law >>
>Oh there sure enough is...right after the 55 National Speed Limit was
>(rightfully) turned over to the states Hwy. 1 through Santa Cruz CA went to
>65. The local CHP did a crackdown on "left lane bandits" doing under 65. How
>do I know? My life-long close friend (not a car guy...driving, of course, a
>adnoh ;-)...) was ticketed for this infraction. I also recall as a child in
>the 60's riding with my mom when we were pulled over on 101 (Bay Area CA) fo
>"too slow in the left lane" so the law has been one the books for many
>years...sadly, seldom enforced. Now that it has been a while since the 65
>limit took effect it seems that the CHP isn't enforcing it any longer.

this is not a lane discipline law, but rather a speed law.
the CHP could have given the same ticket for slow speed in the right lane.
if it were a lane discipline law, you could get a ticket for going 65 in the
left lane.  and another ticket for passing on the right at 65..


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