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re: V8 stuff

A bunch of driving enthusiasts were passing the time, idly tossing around
some stuff about V8s on the Qlist, when ol' John Torset wanders in with a
puzzled look on his face.  Could he be, one wonders, searching for a

> >The 1990 V8 5spd I've been stealing parts from had the lame seats,
> >non sports...
> I think it funny that Americans thinks it is great to have an
> manual transmision, while with the V8Q you have enough horsepower to
> drive ruff and comfortable with a 4 speed automatic transmission.
> I don't know, but maybe the 5 speed maunual transmission gives as
> mutch status in USA as an automatic transmission gives in Europe.

Ahhh, John, ol' rutabaga, please allow yer kindly ol' Unka Bart to clear up
this connundrum of yours.  A clue may be found in the 4th and 5th words at
the top of this message.

We are "Driving" "Enthusisasts." That is, we are "enthusiastic" and the
subject of our enthusiasm is "Driving."  Driving Quattros, to be sure, but
make no mistake about it, we are enthusiastic about driving.  "Driving," as
opposed to "operating" implies, ney, *requires* a great deal of involvement
on the part of the driver that is otherwise absent in the case of merely
"operating" one's motor vehicle.  "Status" is a concept relatively absent
in a gathering of real driving enthusiasts.  Thinking about it detracts
from concentration on driving, although having said this, yer kindly ol'
Unka Bart rather doubts that you understand what he means about this.

You, on the other hand, seem to be more interested in "operating" your
motor vehicle.

And, just as a passing thought, please allow me to point out that this is
not a national bit, driving enthusiasts are found where ever car are found.
Laugh all you want at Americans, we have as many laughable peculiarities as
anyone, but the "driving enthusiast" peculiarity is one shared by all

> Manual transmisions are to mutch work to drive with.

Yes.  Rather.  Unless, of course, one wishes to exert the maximum amount of
control possible over what the vehicle is doing. (Hint:  This is a clue,
don't let it slip by you.)  (Ooooops, too late, there it went.  Sorry, but
at least I tried...)

> Surely if you want an car that you like to show off in, the Audi is
> not the car to do it in, an Audi shold be anonumous, discre and
> comfortable to drive in and that exclude an manual transmission.

I quite agree, an Audi is not the car to show-off in.  Anonymous, discrete,
comfortable, an Audi is all of these things.  But you forgot to mention,
powerful, fast, controllable and exciting to drive.

These qualities make it an ideal car for a driving enthusiast.  Not the
only one, but definitely a member of the class.

Given your limited interest, as an operator, one is not at all surprised
that you would feel as you do.  For one who is only an operator, a Lexus
might be a better choice.  What color, by the way, is yours?

> And if you look a little closer to what the factory want those cars to
> be, you see that it is actaully that they want it to be :)

<ahem>  Say, John, old kumquat, I don't wish to offend here, but... (hmmmm,
how to put this delicately...?)  it is you, mon cher, who is in need of
having the old vision checked.  The factory is, in reality, explicitly
aiming at the market-sector populated by actual "driving enthusiasts."  In
fact, a primary target is a Bayrisch concern with a <somewhat fatuous>
motto proclaiming itself to be "the Ultimate Driving Machine."

> An Audi is for the more mature people in the world.

Given the provocative, condescending tone of your message, your credentials
to speak authoratively about that sector of the world's population might
well be questioned by some on this list.

Not, heaven forfend, yer kindly ol' Unka Bart, mind you...

Speaking of American peculiarities, one is our belief that it is far better
to remain silent and be thought a fool, than to open one's mouth and remove
all doubt.  Pretty funny, that.  Eh...?

> one cent of thought.  :-)

Uh huh...

Ol' whatizname