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torsen rear diff

It was interesting to learn from the list that the V8's used a torsen 
rear diff to supplement the center diff (5 speed).  This design choice 
begs the following questions:

What rear diff was used in the earlier version of the S4?
If not the torsen, why not?
If the torsen is desirable, can it be retrofitted in other audi's

Unfortunately, my 1988 90q delocks the rear diff automatically at a 
low speed (~15 mph) so the advantage of locking is lost when driving 
faster than this in the snow.  A clutch pack like that in my Corvair 
diff. (80 ft-lbs slipping torque, if I recall correctly)  would have 
been helpful in keeping the power delivery more uniform.  (Not that I 
didn't have another blast last night demonstrating the superiority of 
the quattro in the snow to the creepy-crawlies I met on the highway.)

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