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Re: <No subject>

     In the vast majority of the California city squalor, the limited access 
     highways are overburdened with cars - often 3 to 4 times the amount of 
     traffic the roadway was designed for.  While I agree that using the left 
     lane to pass is a wonderful idea, and I, in fact do just that where 
     possible, when all 4 (or 5 or 6 or... you get the idea) lanes are 
     bumper-to-bumper @ 15 MPH, lane changes require infinite patience and a 
     certain amount of luck.  Passing in that environment is difficult to 
     impossible, and such lane control rules as "Slow Traffic Keep Right" are 
     impossible to either follow or enforce.

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Subject: <No subject>
Author:  pjrose@servtech.com (Phil and Judy Rose) at ~INTERNET
Date:    1/16/98 4:32 PM

>Date: Fri, 16 Jan 1998 06:59:11 -0700
>From: "Frank Amoroso" <famoroso@sprintmail.com>
>Subject: Re: Yo, everyone, who are those Colorado drivers? 
>Depending on where you are in California the traffic patterns are such that 
>if you use the left lane only to pass you will be the only one doing so. 
>Accordingly if everyone did the same thing then it would take twice as long 
>to get from San Jose to San Francisco.
That's fairly accurate. I'll be back there in a day or two for my 
once-a-year-visit, and I know that's pretty much the picture. But Frank, 
you might also say, "If I drove at only 60 MPH instead of 120, it would 
take twice as long..." That doesn't make 120 MPH a good idea, does it? 
Hmmm, well come to think of it...;^)
 Left lane to pass is a great idea,
>but I think reality dictates otherwise in high density areas that usually 
>has a ton of commuters and not drivers needing to locomote long distances.
Reality may indeed dictate otherwise in high density California areas 
because of the way the CA drivers are permitted to drive, but it escapes me 
what the _inherent_ problem is in having adherence to a "left lane to pass" 
rule. You imply that a "ton of commuters" changes the equation. How so?
Are comuters untrainable? Uncontrollable? More in tune with cupholder 
technique than driving technique? All of the above?
Phil Rose
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>Date: Thursday, January 15, 1998 8:27 PM
>Subject: RE: Yo, everyone, who are those Colorado drivers? 
>>glen sez:
>>>It's FUN driving in MA. It is actually LEGAL to pass on the right, no, 
>>>it's even encouraged!
>>there IS NO lane discipline law in california.
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