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Re: Offset change effect handling?

Would doubt it would affect wheel bearings unless you intend to run 24 hrs
on Daytona banking.  Where it might have a small effect is on the steering
feel and kickback.  I unxderstand that the Audi's are set up with what (I
believe) is termed "negative steering offset", where if you draw a line down
thru the ball joints, it will intersect the ground outside of the centerline
the tire.  Playing with offset will adversely affect this setting, and could 
cause loss of some high speed stability (i.e., car would wander more
woth road undulations, crosswinds, etc.)  Main question is extent of change;
that I don't know.

Other downside is more rock chips on the fenders since the outside of the 
tire is farther out in the wheel well. 

My thoughts on the matter.

Ray Calvo

In a message dated 98-01-16 17:41:28 EST, you write:

 OK, this has nothing to do with CQ or 9020Vs, but i need some advice with
 offset on my A4, and you all seem to know more than most....
 I am looking at a set of rims for my A4 that has an offset 8mm more than the
 stock (8mm out, away from the car),  putting these on my car will of course
 make it corner better, but what is the down side to putting these rims on my
 car?   Someone told me that it would cause my bearings to go faster and screw
 up the handling.  Can 8mm(1/4 inch) do that much?
 What to you say guys?
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