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Re[2]: Another A4 gripe

     The trunk mounted CD changer in my '98 A4 2.8 quattro is the same 
     brand and model used in the Mazda Millennia S my wife used to have.  
     It has the same problems - extreme sensitivity to ALL conditions 
     (humidity, heat, vibration)!  Changing lanes on the freeway causes the 
     CD player to skip!
     This unit is NOT an Alpine (or a Pioneer), but a Panasonic.  My wife's 
     car (a BMW 328i with the sport suspension) has an Alpine, and that 
     unit has none of the problems of my A4's CD player.  I would assume 
     you could replace the Panasonic with an Alpine, but I am disappointed 
     that one has to do this in the first place.

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Subject: Re: Another A4 gripe
Author:  aalok@uchicago.edu (Aalok Kacha) at ~INTERNET
Date:    1/16/98 4:04 PM

>now i have another gripe on otherwise a very good/fun A4 avant! 
>the CD-changer magazine is REAL CHEAP! it's difficult to remove the 
>discs. i almost have to touch the surface of my discs every time
>i pop them out. i haven't checked yet, but changer is a KENWOOD 
>unit, right? can anybody confirm this? does anybody know if i can 
>buy a different type of KENWOOD CD magazine which will fit the 
>i had a 10-disc SONY changer before. it's bulky, but decent design 
>(in inserting and removing discs). my car has a oem'd PIONEER unit. 
>the 6-disc magazine is good with one flap for each disc.
The Audi changer in the A4 is an Alpine unit. I don't know if Kenwood uses 
the same changer, but I doubt it. The Pioneer magazine has a reputation for 
scratching discs during operation but this may be fixed in newer models.
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