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Re: Re[2]: Yo, everyone, who are those Colorado drivers?

On Fri, 16 Jan 1998, Dan Miller wrote:

>     Although I have never heard of someone getting a ticket for passing on 
>     the right, I know of someone getting a ticket for not moving out of 
>     the left lane while doing less than the traffic flow was doing, thus 
>     causing a backup in the left lane.  It's not what you are looking for, 
>     but it is surely a form of lane discipline law in that you are legally 
>     supposed to move out of the left lane if you are not moving with the 
>     fastest flow of traffic.

Until a year or two ago, the cops in omaha would gang up -- one copper in
each lane, in-line style. They would drive at the legal speed. And there
would be about half-a-mile traffic jam behind them on the interstate. They
claim they're doing nothing wrong. The Nebraska supreme court (or some
such) declared it illegal (thank goodness) after numerous citizens'

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