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Re: V8 Stuff (Manual vs. Automatic transmissions)

Are manual transmissions better than automatics?

Is AWD better than FWD or RWD?

Are coupes better than sedans or wagons?

Are cars better than motorcycles?

Yes, in my introductory message to the list I asked about (heaven forbid!)
putting a cup holder in my slush box V8. I'll also admit that I wanted an
automatic transmission V8 and wouldn't have bought a V8 with a manual
transmission. Hence I must not be an enthusiast by some definitions.

Variety is the spice of life. To be able to experience multiple types of
vehicles with different drive train, body configurations and purposes, is
one of the greatest pleasures/luxuries of life. Automatics aren't patently
better than manuals nor is the converse true. Each one has its own place and
I would define an enthusiast as anyone who knows the differences and
appreciates them.

For instance, what sits in my garage and driveway are as follows:

                                       wheels    lbs./hp    drive    trans

80 Suzuki GS1000E        2             5.5       rear    manual
91 Kawasaki ZX-11         2             4.1       rear    manual
89 Ford Taurus SHO       4            16.4      front    manual
90 Audi V8                        4            14.4       all        auto
91 Lotus Esprit                  4             9.8       rear    manual
92 Volvo 745                     4             31.3     rear      auto

I believe I would be less of a driving enthusiast if I just picked
one of these vehicles, drive train configurations, transmission types, or
any other characteristic and proclaimed it to be definitive of enthusiasts.
After all driving isn't just pushing pedals, turning a wheel and shifting
levers isn't it? It's the whole experience!

Just my humble opinion FWIW......