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Re: 86 4k aux. lights in bumper...

> Ok, i'm sure this has been addressed, but did Audi make aux. driving lamps
> that fit in the blanks in the bumper?  I couldn't help but notice that there
> is a wiring harness already in place just next to the reflective plastic
> pieces.  I have been looking at some Hella 550's, but it seems more of a
> natural thing to find these than to totally screw up the car's front bumper.
> Thanks in advance, as these are the worst lights I have ever seen on a car.

No kidding!
European models actually come with fog lights in that spot.
Problem with North American bumper is that if you remove the plastic 
covers you will find the screws holding the bumper onto the car and 
no empty space to put lights into.
One option is to move the turn signal lights to the parking light 
location (have a dual filiment bulb) and put fog lights in space left 
by the turn signals.  Finding fog lights that fit perfectly might be 
a chalange though.  Might be a good space to put cooling passeges for 
the brakes!


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