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>Wait, I resemble that remark.  Who invented the d**n language anyway?
>- -Mark (ex-pat Brit) Quinn

None of us, actually. According to Otto Jesperson ("History & Development
of the English Language"), the language we sometimes rather grudgingly
"share" has its roots in German, liberally edited with inputs from Angles,
Saxons, Danes, Jutes, Latin, and lots more, probably including
technobabble, politic-speak, rock and roll, and much, much more. "English"
as spoken 700 years ago would be virtually incomprehensible to any of us,
either in the UK or the US. 300 years ago would be very difficult, and 100
years ago would start to work, but not well.

Youse guys (Noo Yawk-speak) USED it first, and we simply copied success,
albeit with our own modifications.

Mandatory Audi content - Got a set of Russell Performance Products brake
bleeder valves, as discussed some months ago on the list. These are direct
replacements for the stock bleeder screws, and differ in that they have a
ball and spring inside. Idea is that you loosen the screw 1/4 turn +/- as
in normal brake bleeding, and then just go pump the brakes. On the pressure
(down) stroke, brake fluid pushes past the ball, and is disposed of in the
normal manner (hose into jar). When you release the brake pedal, the spring
presses the ball and the bleeder is sealed (one-way valve) so air cannot go
back into the system. This makes brake bleeding a ONE PERSON operation.

If I can get to it this weekend (doubtful), I'm going to install a
pre-rebuilt set of rear calipers (pistons screwed down using
channel-locks), pre-skimmed disks, new rear pads, and try all this out.

Stay tuned, but don't hold your breath (time constraints)!

Best Regards,

Mike Arman