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For Sale (good price,but not a bargain by some standards!!!)

Eric,How about a '94 S-4?Along the lines of the used car thread running
on the Q-list,I purchased this car on the advice of a friend who works
for the selling dealer.

Mileage when purchased:  95,000 miles NY-Wash DC Many,many trips.

Pearl w/black interior.

95,000 miles replaced t/belt and h2o pump.(Previous replacement by
dealer at 52,000).

97,000 the following:
Intrax springs                              
Bilstein struts (ABT VALVING)               
4 wheel alignment                            
fuel filter                                   
K&N air filter                                
Scorpion Stainless Exhaust (cat back w/mid
    muffler removed).Custom,mandrel bent,S/S pipes replace muffler.
Rs2 manifold
KVR drilled rotors & carbon pads,front and rear
Synthetic oilchanges,OEM filters
New 225/50x16 RE71 tires
Purchase price:                        $20,000.00
Maint/Modifications                      5,000.00
Asking Price                           $24,500.00                        
Current Mileage 105,000.This car needs nothing.Very strong.
Replys by privare E-mail please.
Stock Exhaust and springs available.                

Current Mileage   105,000