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Re: V8 Stuff (Manual vs. Automatic transmission) (longish)

At 03:38 PM 1/16/98 -0600, audial@aol.com wrote:
>William Elliott wrote:
>> Most of the people on this list seem to be enthusiasts who are
>> concerned with what they drive and how they drive. This fact
>> alone sets this group well apart from the average American
>> who drives a "normal" car...finds manual transmissions abhorrent
>> and would not consider a car with one.
>Exactly. I've never owned an automatic-transmission car. I learned to
>drive on one, but I switched over to a manual as quickly as I could. I
>grew up riding motorcross bikes and couldn't stand not being able
>to shift for myself, use the clutch, pick my speed with the tach
>accurately, etc. It is sad that the manual transmission is so hard
>to sell in a luxury car - even I have to admit that I have been conditioned
>so much that when I first saw the interior of my 5KCSTQ, with the
>leather, etc., and the manual knob sticking out of the console, I
>experienced a second or two of "somehow this doesn't fit".

I couldn't agree more. We enthusiasts don't think of a car simply as transportation. It doesn't JUST get us from point A to point B. I'd describe it as art...the way my car gets me from point A to point B (especially when it takes me down a few excellent back roads, leading me to point C, D, and E before I arrive and point B).

BTW, I learned to drive on a manual transmission. And it happened to be an '87 4KCSQ. And some wonder why I love Audi's so much....

Josh Pinkert
'98 A4q 2.8 and ISO '72 - '73 Porsche 911