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Re: 86 4k aux. lights in bumper...

>Ok, i'm sure this has been addressed, but did Audi make aux. driving lamps
>that fit in the blanks in the bumper?  I couldn't help but notice that there
>is a wiring harness already in place just next to the reflective plastic
>pieces.  I have been looking at some Hella 550's, but it seems more of a
>natural thing to find these than to totally screw up the car's front bumper.

No, Audi didn't offer lamps for this car, at least in the U.S.-spec version
... they did, however, sell a fog light kit that mounts in the lower grill
below the bumper but these are NLA.  Of course, a few of us have one tucked
away in storage and might be willing to sell it if the offer is attractive
enough...  ;^)

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