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RE: Whoa! [lighting]

<Ahh, you forgot one great use for fog lights:  bad roads.  I live in the
<Washington DC area, and at night my fogs go on shortly after I enter
<downtown DC, to put more down-focused light on all the potholes and other
<various debris (hypodermic needles, dead bodies, etc.) strewn about the
<street.  I find they're also useful on roads that are being resurfaced,
<when the road is in the middle stage where the top layer has been scraped 
<off, but they haven't resurfaced it yet -- resulting in all the manhole
<covers sticking an inch or two above the roadway.  Thanks to unpredictable
<weather conditions and a poorly-managed local goverment, it's not uncommon
<to drive on streets that are in the middle stage for a couple weeks before
<they're resurfaced.


Prolly not legal, but sounds like a good idea. Do you kill the low beams?